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Mobile Virtual Network Operators relay on companies like OnCom Wireless for handsets, distribution, and returns management.  Analysts project significant growth for this wireless segment that will need 20M+ additional handsets over the next 3 years. 

With a focus on the credit challenged and price sensitive markets,  MVNOs are executing aggressive growth programs and segmenting their reach to numerous ethnic and age demographics.  The US MVNO Prepaid Projections are:

2004 MVNOs > 49% prepaid Market

2005 MVNO Users > 18M

2009 MVNO forecast > 32M (80% market share)

Key Benefits
  • Total returns visibility through your secure Internet Portal means faster crediting & more satisfied channel partners
  • Processing returns to stock reduces costs & increases profits
  • Near real-time ESN reporting minimizes network costs
  • Returns analysis & reporting can reduce return volume
  • Eliminates a big distraction from your core business focus
  • Provides compliance with collection & environmental laws

OnCom Wireless started its business in the wireless space with reverse logistics and value added services.  By leveraging our people, processes, expertise, and US operations, OnCom Wireless has achieved recovery yields for returned products far and above what many other shops can produce.

Reverse Logistics Programs

Procurement & Brokerage Services

MVNO / MVNE Programs

Returns Programs


How do we achieve such outstanding results?  Through process and experience.  Our programs are focused on:
  • Quality
  • Speed
  • Visibility
  • Collaboration
  • Cooperative Strategy

Services include all or many of:

  • Returns Management
  • Receiving
  • Optional purchasing of returned devices
  • Triage
  • Test & Repair
  • BER Recovery
  • Refurbishment with OEM or aftermarket parts
  • Reprogramming
  • Re-kitting & packaging
  • Environmental Compliant Disposition
  • Redistribution to clients, insurance programs, MVNOs, etc.
  • National & International brokering of refurbished and BER devices

Your company's needs are unique.  Contact us today to see how a custom reverse program and enable your business strategy.