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Mobile Virtual Network Operators relay on companies like OnCom Wireless for handsets, distribution, and returns management.  Analysts project significant growth for this wireless segment that will need 20M+ additional handsets over the next 3 years. 

With a focus on the credit challenged and price sensitive markets,  MVNOs are executing aggressive growth programs and segmenting their reach to numerous ethnic and age demographics.  The US MVNO Prepaid Projections are:

2004 MVNOs > 49% prepaid Market

2005 MVNO Users > 18M

2009 MVNO forecast > 32M (80% market share)

The OnCom Wireless Secure Client Portal is a feature of the OnCom Wireless website that provides each of our customers with a private, secure, web-space to facilitate information sharing, reporting, and transactional processing. 



  • Password protected with unlimited security classes down to the module level
  • Unlimited possible pages
  • Online, real-time updating
  • Table modules for
    • Order entry, status, and management
    • Receiving Notification
    • Returns Management
    • Production Requests & Status
    • Inventory Reporting
  • Document Library for Reports, Process Documentation, and Files
  • Contacts Module

The portal is easy to set up and free.  Your OnCom Wireless Account Manager will work with your team to define the custom portal requirements for your business.  OnCom Wireless will then create your unique portal and provide as many logon IDs as your require, each with the security authorization you specify.