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Mobile Virtual Network Operators relay on companies like OnCom Wireless for handsets, distribution, and returns management.  Analysts project significant growth for this wireless segment that will need 20M+ additional handsets over the next 3 years. 

With a focus on the credit challenged and price sensitive markets,  MVNOs are executing aggressive growth programs and segmenting their reach to numerous ethnic and age demographics.  The US MVNO Prepaid Projections are:

2004 MVNOs > 49% prepaid Market

2005 MVNO Users > 18M

2009 MVNO forecast > 32M (80% market share)

Key Benefits
  • Fully climate controlled space for optimum product preservation.
  • Centrally located for fastest delivery times throughout.
  • Both bulk and drop-ship distribution support for maximum flexibility.
  • Quick order turnaround time accommodates last minute requirements.
  • Far East shipments to / from our India operations make them seem like they are across town.
  • Warehouse management and security systems provide high inventory integrity.

The OnCom Wireless primary warehouse facility is  located in Ganganagar & Indiranagar, Bangalore  providing the fastest delivery.  Our climate controlled operation utilizes the latest security technology and people to maintain the highest level of integrity and availability.

Reverse Logistics Programs

Procurement & Brokerage Services

MVNO / MVNE Programs

Returns Programs


OnCom Wireless warehouse operations utilize an in-house computerized inventory tracking system for both OnCom Wireless owned and client owned products.

Quarterly wall-to-wall inventory counts are augmented by frequent cycle counts to insure that the right product is at the right location, at the right time.  Custom client web access to inventory counts and program status can be provided.

Our distribution shipping team utilizes most popular carriers for bulk, ground, and overnight deliveries.  International shipments to and from our operations in India are handled by our preferred air freight carrier. 

The OnCom Wireless order management systems allows for same day shipping for all orders processed by 1:00 PM.

Scalable expansion space has been prearranged to handle almost any size program. 

Contact us today to further explore our distribution services how OnCom Wireless can power your business.