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Mobile Virtual Network Operators relay on companies like OnCom Wireless for handsets, distribution, and returns management.  Analysts project significant growth for this wireless segment that will need 20M+ additional handsets over the next 3 years. 

With a focus on the credit challenged and price sensitive markets,  MVNOs are executing aggressive growth programs and segmenting their reach to numerous ethnic and age demographics.  The US MVNO Prepaid Projections are:

2004 MVNOs > 49% prepaid Market

2005 MVNO Users > 18M

2009 MVNO forecast > 32M (80% market share)

Key Benefits
  • Increased profits.  Qualifying phones returned to A-stock for next sale.
  • Maximum recovery of B-stock & junk phones.
  • Phones returned to stock are fully tested with all memories cleared.
  • Legal compliance with return and disposition regulations

Buyer's Remorse

Buyer's remorse returns are processed and returned to clients A-stock (carrier minutes of use limit not exceeded).  All memories are reset, full test certification performed, inspected to new standards, and re-packaged (new materials as required).

Over limit phones refinished & returned to B-Stock for bulk or individual sale.

Reverse Logistics Programs

Procurement & Brokerage Services

MVNO / MVNE Programs

Returns Programs


  • Verify receipt of complete phone package (packaging, accessories, manual, etc.)
  • Verify call timer minutes meets return to A-stock rules
  • Inspect for new condition
  • Full technical test certification
  • Complete reset of all memories (timers, phone books, messages, photos, etc.)
  • Rekit & repackage (new material where needed)
  • Return to client A-stock
  • B-stock phones (if minutes exceeded or cosmetic damage observed) sold or brokered

Upgrade / Trade-in Program

Upgrading your customer’s equipment will improve satisfaction and can lead to increased ARPU.  Send us your returned phones and we will:

  • Clear & reset all memories
  • Perform test certification for optimum resale value
  • Refurbish as needed
  • Dispose of returned phones by:
    • Buying them for our programs / customers
    • Brokering them on your behalf (off-shore if required)
    • Return stock to your warranty provider
    • Send BER stock to salvage providing an environmental compliance certificate

Value recovered from your returns can subsidize attractive promotional discounts for future upgrade programs.

DOA (Dead On Arrival) Returns

DOA returns are normally eligible for full refund from the OEM manufacturer.  Penalties are often charged back to the reseller if the returned DOA is working properly and no warranty failure is found.  OnCom Wireless will process your DOA returns verifying warranty failure and sending eligible claims (phones) to your OEM for full credit refund.

Warranty Returns

OnCom Wireless provides warranty repair services for many OEM brands of wireless phones.  If your customer satisfaction focus provides warranty exchange services, OnCom Wireless will perform the warranty repair and other value-add services as requested (as listed above in the Upgrade Program).   

Charitable Collections

Do you collect unused phones from your customers?  OnCom Wireless will buy those phones from you thus funding your charitable program contributions.  Our clients are always in need of refurbished phones and working with your programs, OnCom Wireless can craft a return and credit program that will enhance your customer offering and maximize your charitable contributions.

OnCom Wireless Returns Programs can help fund many of your strategic customer initiatives.  For more program details or to have a custom program designed for your company, contact us today.